At Superior Mint we sell the best cars to the best people for the best prices.  We eliminate the middleman and pass the savings to you.  We believe that the days of the car lot are numbered and we will not be selling from a lot when we move.

 The typical used car dealer has 'flooring cost' (they borrow money to buy cars), land costs (car lots are expensive), maintenance costs (cars outside get dirty, dull),  repossession costs and legal costs when customers default,  Typical used car dealers have reconditioning costs to repair below-average cars to get them to last for the legally required 15 days.  Below-average grade cars are cheaper to buy but more expensive to repair.  By using this strategy, the lurking problems will be there as soon as the legal 15 implied warranty expires.  These typical dealers are not looking for relationships, just sales.

Superior Mint takes the opposite approach, finding sound cars that need very little repair.  Superior Mint builds relationships and depends on word-of-mouth referrals.  We crush our expenses.  We qualify our cars and our customers.  We bring the savings to you.

We only buy cars that have been independently inspected and cars that have a grade of 4.0 or better (3.0 is average, 5.0 is 'new').    Most dealers buy from one or two suppliers.  Superior Mint shops 13 vendors in 3 states.  There are only a few cars each week out of the thousands offered that meet our criteria.  We find them, and buy them only when they are offered at a low price.

We bring them to Phoenix where they are cleaned, inspected again by Superior Mint, reconditioned, detailed and stored in a showroom.  We can bring the cars to you to test drive, or you can come to our showroom.  Our reconditioning costs are extremely low because the cars we buy are such high-quality that they don't require much work.

We only buy late model cars, with clean titles, and sell them at wholesale or near-wholesale prices.  Our cars often have remaining manufacturers warranty, and then we add our own 30 day warranty (conditions apply)  We won't fool you.  We will give you all the information we have about a vehicle and we will never lie or shade the truth.


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Year     Make                 Model                        VIN                                        Mileage  Color                        Asking
2000    AUDI                 A6                               WAUED24BXYN106257  130003   RED                         $3,800
2004    BMW                 X5                               5UXFA13554LU32610       96000   BROWN                   $6,200
2005    CHEVROLET 1500                            1GCEC14Z55Z328920    131000  WHITE                      $5,500
1994    FORD               F150                            1FTEX15NXRKA76709   295000  RED                          $3,500
2013    FORD               FUSION                      3FA6P0H99DR274611       53750 SILVER                   $12,800
1980    HONDA            CIVIC                          1040267                              177000 GRAY                         $1,500
2011    KIA                    OPTIMA                       KNAGM4A73B5129519   104292 GREY                        $8,000
2015    NISSAN            ALTIMA                       1N4AL3AP5FC177519         6832 WHITE                       $7,500
2014    NISSAN            MURANO                   JN8AZ1MU5EW401761     45378 GRAY                      $15,000
2016    NISSAN            ROGUE                       5N1AT2MTXGC784123     32280 RED                        $16,300
2001    TOYOTA            CAMRY SOLARA     2T1CF28P31C435532     200600 RED                          $2,500.